Comfort Inn & Suites Medicine Hat Alberta
2317 Trans Canada Way Southeast
Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1B 4E9, Canada
+1 403 504 1700

Pet Friendly Hotel In Medicine Hat, AB

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(Photos above, LEFT: Tango(kitten) and Bella(puppy) are best friends!   RIGHT: Cute Little Lexie  - just a puppy here when she visited the hotel for the first time!

When choosing a Pet Friendly Hotel for your vacation to Medicine Hat, the Comfort Inn & Suites is the answer to your call. No need to shop around for a reputable kennel, no need to go through your address book for friends or family who can come by and take care of your pets while you're away; you can take comfort in knowing that your entire family is welcome at our wonderful Medicine Hat hotel. Even your four-legged family members! We're dog friendly, we're cat friendly, we're even piglet friendly!

The Comfort Inn & Suites is your gateway to a perfect stay in the 'Gas City'. Located right next door to the best shopping on this side of Calgary, the Medicine Hat Mall; many restaurants, a casino, on and off leash parks, and of course, the world's biggest Teepee, all just steps away. Our hotel will make you and your pets feel right at home with a host of amenities.

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Our "Pet Friendly" rooms are just like all of our other rooms - available in a wide variety of room types to suit all travelers needs, and conveniently located on the ground floor to allow easy access to the great outdoors (aka pet washroom facilities).

Upon arrival, you will be asked to register your pet, and in return, you'll receive a specialty gift bag complete with treats, waste bags, a guide to the local dog parks, and more.

("Hi! Welcome to my porch!" Shadow here is claiming the new porch at their home last summer!)

Pet Friendly Hotel rooms are clearly indicated on our website and can be reserved directly through our Suites page - just look for your preferred room type with the 'Pet Friendly' tag.

If you have already made your reservation, or have done so through another channel, please call us directly to ensure you receive a pet friendly room. (403) 504-1700

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Biscuit enjoys a lazy morning in bed!!!

Our Pet Policy is as follows:

Each Pet Friendly room can accommodate up to two (2) pets. There is an additional charge of $25 per night, per pet. Pets must be on leash, or carried in a travel carrier and under control when not in the room. An emergency contact number must be provided upon check in, and pets must not be left unattended in the hotel. You are responsible for any and all damages, accidents or mishaps resulting from your or your pets behavior, and you agree to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your pet does not disturb other guests. As with all other noise complaints, you may be charged an additional fee should the hotel have to compensate another guest for disturbances or noise originating from your room or its occupants.
Housekeepers will not enter a room to provide service if your pet is unrestrained in the room, or left unattended. We urge you to arrange with the front desk a time that is convenient to have your room serviced during your stay.
Waste bags are provided for outdoor business cleanup, and if you require additional bags, please see the front desk rather than leaving treats for other guests to step in.

Your entire family will enjoy their stay with us, the Pet-Loving Comfort Inn & Suites!
We look forward to welcoming you!